“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.”

“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim (male and female).”

“Learn, Practice, Teach” – so goes the madrasah mantra. Central to YMA’s educational activities are its weekend schools. Particularly, YMA Saturday School. Having run for nearly 20 years, the Saturday madrasah has been a go-to option for parents who seek to give their children a foundational, holistic and applicable understanding of mainstream Islam.

YMA Saturday School’s educational program is one which has been given significant deliberation and forethought. Founded upon the teachings of madrasahs and maktabs throughout generations, our curriculum has been designed in a way as to mobilise authentic Islamic knowledge to our next generation of Muslim youth and da’wah workers in Australia. The Saturday School syllabus has its sources in the works of both past and contemporary ‘Ulama’.

In their particulars, subjects taught at Saturday School consist of:
– Qira’ah (Quranic recitation) and Tajweed
– Hifz (Memorisation)
– Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
– Aqeedah (Creed)
– Seerah an-Nabawiyyah (Life of the Prophet (PBUH))
– Hayatus Sahaba (Stories of the Companions)
– Adab al-Mu’ashara (social etiquette) and Akhlaaq (character)

These subjects are taught from a foundational to intermediate level of learning.
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“The most superior among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”
(Sahih al-Bukhari)

Ultimately, our greatest asset at YMA are our people. The longevity and effectiveness of our organisation, and that of the Ummah, lies in the educational investment and tarbiyah of our Muslim youth. All our teachers and instructors have gone through the YMA Madrasah system at the qualified hands of Sheikh Mahmud Kurkcu or have learned through other traditional means. Herein lies the meaning of “Learn, Practice, Teach”.
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YMA Saturday School caters for youth graded from Grade 1 to Year 12.           Enrol Now

Worship, Quranic Exegesis, Theology and Spirituality are fundamental aspects of the religion. They are crucial to our everyday practice as Muslims. However, such topics are the subject of much dispute and argumentation amongst Muslims in today’s society. For one to comprehensively grasp these aspects of the Deen, one must travel to the foundations of the Sacred Law itself.

This course will explore in depth how the the earliest Muslims and scholars understood the religion. Students will study the dissemination of Islamic foundational sciences and how they were built upon over the centuries. A focus will be provided on why these sciences are so important in our contemporary age and how they can be used towards rectifying a proper understanding of Islam.

The structure of this new syllabus aims to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of their faith by covering both the outer and inner Islamic sciences. It is through this holistic process of learning that a believer will be able to truly taste the sweetness of faith.

Classes will be held every Tuesday night from 7 pm to 10 pm at Coburg Islamic Centre

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Friday Night Live program at Coburg Islamic Centre. Friday Night Live is a series of discussions of relevant and pertinent issues that affect the lives of all Aussie Muslim youth. Understanding your place and purpose in this world has never been so challenging. Working through these challenges and connecting with the reality of our existence will be the driving theme of our discussions. An awesome array of activities, coupled with the inspiring heart-penetrating presence of Ust. Mahmud Kurkcu, it’s a night you don’t want to be missing.

If you are serious about being a Muslim and looking for a place and a positive environment to learn Islam without being intimidated or belittled, in a language you can understand and spending time among great company, then this is the place for you!

The YMA table tennis tournaments (for Brothers and Sisters) are open to all and are held after dinner, for those wanting even more out of their Friday nights!

Friday evenings at Coburg Islamic Centre from 7:30pm.

For further info please call 0411 968 547.

For over 25 years YMA has been conducting national camps for all youth throughout Australia.

Camps are an opportunity to meet fellow Muslims in an environment full of love, compassion and brotherhood. YMA camps are aimed at educating youth about their fundamentals, delving into the core purpose of their creation and basic belief systems that are lost in the chaos of our everyday lives. Youth that attend YMA camps speak of a greater sense of identity and a clearer vision of how they should conduct their lives. Camps are held for brothers and sisters across Australia annually for ages 10-15 years usually in July, and for ages 16+ years usually in December.

Study camps are also held biannually for students that attend the YMA Weekend Schools, also in April and September. It’s a life changing experience where you are guaranteed to meet lifelong friends and bond in an environment that is aimed to help you become a better Muslim. Amongst the inspiring educational program are exciting activities, sports, competitions and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

Testimonial from a happy parent:

“I have been meaning to email you since my son came back from camp but then you know how it goes….just wanted to say thank-you to all of the sisters/brothers that make the YMA Camp possible. I must admit I was a bit hesitant to send my son but then after speaking with a fellow YMA student who reassured me it is a life time experience I just knew he had to go and really it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for him….”