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At YMA, we have a long history of dedication to practical excellence as well as a firm focus on traditional Islam. Today, we are one of the few organisations that specifically targets school aged youth from primary to tertiary level. Our programs are specifically catered to provide a platform for the long-term mentorship and development of Muslim youth. This is the cornerstone of our organisation and is a key element that distinguishes us from almost all other organisations.

We’re inspired by the verse in the Qur’an where Allah swt says:
“…they were youth who believed in their Lord and We advanced them in guidance”. (18:13)

In Islam, we believe that success is not measured by a dollar symbol, nor by a popularity or status. As we are taught, success is attained through piety, good character, righteous deeds and a pure sincerity. That is why our key objectives are Tazkiyah (Purification), Tarbiyah (Development) and Ri’ayah (Nurturing).

To shape the lives of members in order to attain greater faith, awareness of Allah (swt), with dedication and discipline – Tazkiyah – to ensure that members regularly attend ongoing education, training, camps and other related activities.

To develop the talents and skills of youth for the service of Islam – Tarbiyah – to shape Muslim youth for future leadership roles in Australian society as respected and dignified citizens.

To nurture youth through their various personal and social problems and needs – Ri‘ayah– to provide practical solutions to the day to day problems in their lives.

The results of the last 25 years of hard and dedicated work are beginning to show with the coming of age of highly skilled, highly motivated professional youth of sincere faith.
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