Our Activities


YMA has been an active contributor to the Australian Muslim community for many years now.
Australian Muslim youth have been provided with the opportunities to meet each other and get involved in the lofty pursuits of da’wah and khidmah. Here are some activities we provide on a regular basis.


Generally held in parks and campgrounds, these are informal events that aim to provide opportunities for everyone to come and enjoy some free food and meet and greet each other. These events are open to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and we encourage everyone to bring their friends and come enjoy some good food and company!


Dinners are either held at a masjid or at a catered venue. These events are sometimes free and sometimes with a charge, and almost always require bookings to ensure numbers can be catered for. While some of them are held purely for the social aspect of sharing a meal, they sometimes do have a purpose or a theme, such as raising money for students in need of financial support, mosque projects, or to support families in need.

Special Islamic Events

These events are hosted at a masjid and usually include a complimentary catered dinner and a short talk on the significance and benefits of prayer on that night. The dates correspond with the special dates in the Islamic calendar. They include:

  • Every Saturday during Ramadan
  • Laylatul-Qadr (27th night of Ramadan)
  • Eid ul-Fitr
  • Eid ul-Adha
  • Laylat ul-Bara’ah
  • Laylat ur-Ragha’ib