Who are the Young Muslims of Australia?

The Young Muslims of Australia is Australia’s oldest Muslim youth group. Run by the Muslim community, for the Muslim community, we have roots in every state. We are also one of the most widely known Muslim youth organizations in the country.

Beginning in the late 80s, YMA has conducted youth development camps, weekend schools, family events and other community services. We have a long history of dedication to practical excellence as well as a firm focus on traditional Islam.

Our vision is the promotion of a spiritually aware, cohesive, educated and productive Australian Muslim community that adopts rahmah (mercy), muhabbah (love) and ihsan (excellence) as key principles.

Our mission is to provide spiritual, social, educational and economic opportunities and guide Australian Muslim Youth towards positive Islamic values.

We ask Allah (swt) to guide us in our quest to adhere to these lofty ideals, to support us in our efforts to meet our goals, to protect the purity of our hearts in this perilous world and to never allow us to deviate in the slightest from the Sunnah of Rasulullah (saw).

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